Our Values

Our purpose is why we exist. Our values define how we behave.


When we are young we have little control over our lives and may well reach maturity without establishing our own key purpose in life. As we mature our circumstances change and so too may our purpose. We therefore believe that a key ingredient of an empowered life is that a person has firmly established their personal purpose and lives by it. Therefore, our first key value focuses on enabling clients to identify their PURPOSE.


CREATIVITY is our second key value. This word conjures up different things for different people. Some people consider themselves to be creative, others believe they lack creativity. At ARTIOS, we explore your personal assumptions and perceptions and encourage you to identify those areas of your life where you demonstrate creativity. Our workshops and forums are also there to provide opportunities for you to learn from and share with others. Both key ingredients for living a creative rich life.


Take time for a moment to imagine what it must feel like for a top gymnast after years of dedicated training to be able to balance perfectly on a beam in front of a huge audience and complete a perfect routine worthy of a gold medal. Our aim is to help you get to that place where everything in your life is so finely balanced that no matter what comes at you, you still feel balanced and in control. The third value we stand for is therefore BALANCE.


Our fourth key value sums up the others. As we seek, find and act our PURPOSE using our personal CREATIVE tools and strategies we gain BALANCE in our lives that ensure our SUCCESS. Significantly most people work in education because they want to make a difference. By fulfilling these values in our daily lives we will have lasting impact on family, friends, colleagues and young people in our care without having to say a word. That is a legacy worth leaving and one we totally aspire to. So join us today in working together to lead ‘ARTIOS’, fully equipped lives of PURPOSE, CREATIVITY, BALANCE AND SUCCESS. 

How can we help you?

If you have a question or think that we could possibly help you or your organisation, we’d love to hear from you! Send us a message and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.