Team Coaching

For Schools, Colleges and Universities.

We know that Team Coaching facilitates transformational change.

Are you increasingly picking up a sense of your team feeling stressed, overworked and undervalued due to the relentless changes expected of the teaching profession? Are you as a result feeling overwhelmed at times by the demands of your job role and experiencing a sense of there being no real solution to the huge number of problems you are faced with? A few individuals will be thriving in this new norm of uncertainty, but many in your team will be finding things tough and will need both time and support to enable them to make the required adjustments and adaptations. A few will even appear obstructive. So, the challenge for you and your senior team is to provide enough momentum for change, balanced with appropriate support mechanisms to successfully effect your required new norm.

At Artios Coaching we specialise in working with senior teams to create an appropriate new vision and to identify the gap between where they want to be compared with where they are right now.  We then produce and present a unique coaching package to you. This will outline recommended interactive group workshops and individual coaching sessions and identify those who need to participate in these activities to enable transformational change.

Artios Coaching also offers a range of interactive workshops which can be stand alone or part of a package of workshops designed to improve leadership skills, team creativity and wellbeing. Participants will experience activities that are designed to make people think about their own behaviours and how these impact on those around them. We also explore creative ways of enabling leaders and teams to function better both at work and at home.

How can we help you?

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