‘Coaching empowered me to achieve the outcomes and goals we set’

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Artios Coaching Testimonials

Coaching has enabled me to focus on beyond the here and now and plan effectively for the future – Karen D

The sessions have definitely increased my confidence. I have a clearer focus on what I want to achieve and how to prevent self-doubt – Heather T

The sessions have, at times, taken me out of my comfort zone, however, without this, I would not have progressed the way that I have. Maureen has always been understandable and flexible, but at the same time challenging when deciding on things to do – Dan A

I was impressed by the way Maureen tried a number of different approaches and was sensitive to the way in which some techniques or activies were not necessarily connecting and quickly tried something different rather than persist down the same path – Simon S

Coaching empowered me not only to achieve the outcomes and goals we set for each week but also to continue to set those myself, clarify what’s important to me and achieve more than I thought possible in a short period of time – Dea F

The goal for me was a huge obstacle, but since the very first coaching session Maureen has helped me to break it down in a few simple steps to take one at a time, resulting in a higher level of motivation and a lower level of stress. Her questioning skills were very powerful for the unpacking of my reality and she literally took me to a place where I could feel confident, motivated and disciplined again. Least but not last, her non judgemental behaviour allowed me to feel trusted, resulting in a great feeling of confidence in my strengths – Aditya T

Maureen has enabled me to refocus on what my priorities are for myself and my business. She has aided in me being able to look at my value system and how these add to my narrative and can be used to open me up to future possibilities. She is incredibly generous in her time, energy and thinking – Wayne S

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